Q. What is Guardian Angel?
A. Guardian Angel MP (for Mobile Platform) is a patent pending downloadable cell phone application designed to prevent dangerous and in some cases illegal cell phone use by drivers of trucks, cars, trains, and boats. Through Guardian Angel a driver’ s cell phone is paired, via an external GPS receiver, with the driver’ s vehicle. The Guardian Angel-protected phone’ s keypad will lock above the vehicle traveling above a pre-set speed (e.g. 10 MPH) and the Guardian Angel logo displayed on the phone’ s screen, preventing texting and talking while above speed. Below speed the keypad will unlock and the logo will disappear. While above speed all incoming calls are forwarded to voicemail and incoming text messages are received and displayed under speed.

Q. I’ ve heard a lot about other applications similar to Guardian Angel that seriously deplete cell phone battery life. Will Guardian Angel greatly decrease my phone’ s battery life?
. When used with an external GPS receiver installed in the vehicle we have found battery degradation to be practically non-existent. When used with the phone’ s internal GPS we have found that battery life is somewhat shortened and can be easily rectified by charging the phone while in the car or other convenient location when possible.

Q. There are a lot of similar applications out there to prevent distracted driving from cell phone use. What makes yours different?
A. While other similar products are available we feel that Guardian Angel is superior in that the driver is unable to override the software. Some other products actually allow the phone’ s owner to override the application if they say that they are a passenger and not a driver. We feel that this puts too much trust in the driver to ensure compliance with cell phone safety. We are also unique in our approach to pairing the phone with the vehicle. Our patented software, in conjunction with our proprietary external GPS receiver, puts us ahead of the competition with a simple, elegant, highly effective technological solution to an ever-growing technological problem, cell phone distraction behind the wheel.

Q. I’ m a Fleet Owner. Why would I put Guardian Angel on my employees’ phones?
A. While many companies have policies in place prohibiting cell phone use by their drivers it is almost impossible to ensure 100% compliance with the rules and people will use their phones while driving. There are a good number of examples where a company has been found liable for the reckless use of cell phones by their mobile employees. By a fleet manager installing Guardian Angel on the phones of their employees they are taking the precaution of ensuring that their fleet drivers aren’ t texting or talking while driving and putting the company at risk of a lawsuit in the event of an accident. With Guardian Angel on a company-issued cell phone and that phone is paired with the company vehicle, the company has taken the precaution of ensuring that their employees are not texting and talking while driving.

Q. I’ m the parent of a teenage driver. Why would I put Guardian Angel on my child’ s phone?
A. The question should be “ Why wouldn’ t I put Guardian Angel on my child’ s phone?” As a parent you know that teenagers today text more than they have face-to-face conversations, a great deal of texting being done while behind the wheel of a car. By installing Guardian Angel on a child’ s phone, you, as a parent, are taking the right precaution in ensuring that your child is not engaging in dangerous cell phone activity while traveling at high speeds.

Q. I’ m the parent of a teenage driver. Why would I put Guardian Angel on my own phone?

A. By installing Guardian Angel on your own phone you are not only protecting yourself, you are serving as a positive role model to your Teenager when they see that you are taking the necessary steps to prevent your own cell phone distraction while on the road.

Q. Is Guardian Angel available with a Hands-free option?
A. Yes. Guardian Angel can be easily configured to work with a Bluetooth hands-free device.

Q. I drive my car to and from the train station every day. When I board the train, will Guardian Angel be able to determine whether or not I’ m on a train (or a bus) and allow me to use my phone while on my morning/evening commute?
A. Yes. When paired to your car with an optional GPS receiver, available at www.guardiannow.com, Guardian Angel will prevent you from talking/texting while driving your car, but once you’ re on a bus or a train you will be able to use your phone without the keypad and phone screen being disabled.

Q. Are alerts available with Guardian Angel?
A. Yes. If you are a parent or fleet manager and have Administrator rights to the phone(s) with Guardian Angel installed you can receive alerts both automatically when an event occurs (such as a driver engaged in a phone call over speed) or audit a phone to get status. E-mail messages a parent or fleet manager receive look like this:

2010-04-21 15:46:16 - Regular Interval:
Bluetooth Radio: Enabled
GPS Location: 40.29188, -80.11947 Retrieved at 2010-04-21 15:46:09 Link: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=40.29188,+-80.11947+(jbrennan+2010-04-21+15:46:09)& iwloc=A& hl=en
Battery level: 82%
Speed: 56.0 mph

Q. How do I purchase Guardian Angel?
A. You can purchase Guardian Angel as well as purchase an external Guardian Angel external GPS for pairing with a vehicle at www.guardiannow.com as well as download Guardian Angel for BlackBerry from BlackBerry App World or download Guardian Angel for Android from the Android Market  .

Q. How do I download Guardian Angel from http://www.guardiannow.com?
A. Once registered you will receive an email with instructions that include  a Guardian Angel download link. Simply click the link and follow the prompts and you should be up and running within minutes.

Q. I purchased and downloaded Guardian Angel to my phone. Do I need to purchase an external GPS receiver?

A. No. The GPS receiver is optional. If you choose to download Guardian Angel as a standalone application and utilize your cell phone’ s internal GPS, Guardian Angel will work just as effectively, however Guardian Angel will not be able to tell whether you’ re a passenger on a train or bus.

Q. At what speeds does Guardian Angel activate and lock a phone?
A. Guardian Angel can be configured by someone with Administrator rights (parent, fleet manager) to activate at 10, 15, or 25 MPH. Guardian Angel’ s default locking speed is 10 MPH.

Q. What if I have an emergency and need to make a 911 call?
A. No problem. Guardian Angel can be deactivated while at speed by selecting “ Call 911” on the menu. Once the 911 call is initiated, Guardian Angel enters into Emergency Call mode and is deactivated for an hour so that emergency responders can call you back if necessary.
Q. I set up my Bluetooth GPS connection  but I still get blocked while away from the car and moving in other vehicles?
Make sure you have selected the "Use Bluetooth" box in the configuration screen.  If not, Guardian Angel uses the internal GPS for speed information.  If you initially set up Guardian Angel for internal GPS and then switched to using an external Bluetooth GPS receiver or vis a versa, perform a hard reset of the phone after making the configuration changes.  A hard reboot is accomplished by removing the phones battery for one minute and reinstalling the battery.