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Nearly 6,000 teens die in car accidents every year. A portion of those deaths have been attributed to cell phone related distraction. Research shows that both parents and teens believe alcohol is the cause of most crashes involving teen drivers when, in reality, the primary causes of most teen crashes is driver error in large part accidents caused by cell phones. The Harvard Center for Risk Analysis estimates that the use of cell phones by drivers in recent years has caused more than 2,600 deaths in accidents, 330,000 moderate to critical injuries and 1.5 million instances of property damage, at a national cost of $43 billion.

"The problem is most severe with young drivers under 21, who are four times as likely to have inattention-related crashes and near-crashes as drivers over 35."

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Driver inattention due to cell phone use and texting has become an Epidemic Issue with Widespread Abuse. Although many jurisdictions have banned the use of hand-held cell phones these Legislative Solutions are Insufficient. Trinity-Noble has developed A Technological Solution that can save lives immediately.