Peace of Mind for Parents


Best solution for Teens

Any parent of a teenage driver will tell you that when their child leaves the safety of their home and gets behind the wheel of a car it's anybody's guess as to whether or not that child won't fall victim to deadly cell phone distraction by another driver or themselves. With Guardian Angel installed on the child's phone and that phone paired with the vehicle the child is driving, parents can have peace of mind that their teenager will not and cannot be texting and talking on their cell phone above 10 MPH. Parents have the ability to receive alerts when their child is speeding, trying to make phone calls, trying to defeat Guardian Angel, and where their child is at any given time. If parents can't protect their teenage driver behind the wheel, Guardian Angel is there for them

Every parent should be confident in knowing that they are doing everything they can to reduce their child’ s risk of accident or injury from distracted driving.  Guardian Angel MP is always on and will notify you if it is ever disabled or tampered with. It always has your safety in mind – it even allows calls to 911 and to you, the parent, in case of emergency.   It’ s the most comprehensive and practical option for stopping distracted driving.  It even uses less battery life than anything on the market, helping to ensuring that your teenager’ s phone is available in case they need to reach you.  Have Guardian Angel look after them when you can’ t.