When Guardian Angel was activated, I was unable to use the phone at all, other than to make or receive calls from the whitelisted numbers.  I could not search the internet, send a text or make a phone call.  I could not receive phone calls, unless from a whitelisted number.  After reaching my pre-set speed (10 mph), the Guardian Angel MP logo would appear on my screen and disabled the use of the phone.  While stopped at a traffic light or stop sign, I was able to use my phone after approximately 5 seconds (the time it took for the GPS to recognize I was not moving, and communicate that to the software on the phone).  Once the GPS realized that I started driving again, my phone call (or phone use) would be disabled after the 10 second grace period that I selected.  If someone tried to call me while the software was activated, my phone would ring once to notify me there was an incoming call, though I was never able to accept the call.  The caller was sent to my voicemail after the one ring.  When Guardian Angel was no longer activated, it would be brought to the ‘ missed calls’ screen to view the missed calls.  There was no passenger override or easy way to disable the system. Overall, I thought the product was effective at reducing cellphone use.

-Laura S., Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

With Guardian Angel I know that my 16-year-old is not texting or talking on his cell phone while driving himself to school. Through e-mail alerts I'm able to see how fast he's driving, where he is on a map, and whether or not he tried to disable the Guardian Angel application!
-Lisa G., Carmel N.Y.
I love this! Strongly considering buying it for my employees.
-John Z., Sacramento, CA.
Just installed the Guardian Angel app on my phone. So far it works just as advertised. Not being very technical I had the GPS receiver installed by my local garage and now each time I get in my car, Guardian Angel keeps me safe. I'm still able to use my phone on the tube (subway).
-Carol D., Waltham Abbey, U.K.
After my teen got into an accident in the family car due to texting, my insurance rates skyrocketed. That's when I knew I had to do something. Guardian Angel helped me stop the texting and keep a tab on my kid. Only I can call him now.
- A Grateful Dad, San Diego, CA

Driving my rig was getting real dangerous, even for me, with my new found toy the Blackberry. Guardian Angel made me stay focused and helped me to enforce the "no cell while driving" rule on my 14 drivers. Thank you Trinity Noble.
- Trucking Company, Chicago IL
My pizza delivery drivers know better than to speed or cell while driving but in case they forget I got Guardian Angel. Now I know where they are, if they speeding and I know for sure they are not on their cellphone while driving. Guardian Angel helps me reduce my liability as well as keep tabs on my drivers.
- Safe Pizza Man, Lexington, VA
My sixteen year old daughter couldn't even  eat at the dinner table with me without being pulled away to respond to a text message.  I could only imagine what she would do while she drove my car.  I installed the Guardian Angel in her car and instantly she was upset.  Upset with the fact tat she would not be able to use her phone unless she was stopped.  The madder she was the happier I was knowing I was saving my daughters life.
- Bill, Doylestown, PA.