Guardian Angel Features and Pricing for Individual or Family

Guardian Angel Application Features
One per
Blackberry or Android
Guardian Angel Driver Protection- Stops Texting and Voice Calling check
Call Alert, Configuration Alert, GPS Disconnect Alert check
911 and Selected Call and SMS White List Programming check
Track from your PC, PDA or any phone with a web browser. check
Location and Battery level Reports check
Application Tampering through Password Protection check
Web-based tracking, mapping & reporting with enabled hot-link check
On Demand Location, speed reporting check
Auto start when phone powers on check
Customizable Alerts and sending intervals check
Speed Alerts check
Pay-as-you-go service. No contract. check
Monthly Fee Per Phone
Select Number of Phones to Protect

Added Feature When Used With The Vehicle Mounted GPS Receiver
One Per Vehicle
Pairs phone to specific vehicle check
Guardian Angel protects only In vehicle installed check
Allows passenger use of phone check
Extends battery life by 3 times check
Improved location and speed accuracy check
One Time Purchase Price
Select Number of Vehicles to Protect
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