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Best protection for businesses
Your HR manager may have taken the typical precaution of releasing a company policy statement about employees' mobile phone use while operating a company vehicle. However, most of the time that is not good enough to prevent employee phone use behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.  If you supply a phone and/or a vehicle for your employees' use, you run the business risk of losing all your profits or business in a legal battle and claim settlement.  Employers even several States in the U.S. have lost millions of dollars in litigation due to employees' actions behind the wheel while on the job.
Studies show that calling or texting while driving puts your employees at a 4 times greater risk of accident and 23 times the risk if texting. Guardian Angel MP can reduce costs from injury, property damage and liability by eliminating the temptation to call or text while driving.

It has features designed specifically for businesses, including alerts if it is tampered with, disconnected or even if a call is attempted and terminated by Guardian Angel.
Guardian Angel MP is always on, running in the background of your employee's phone. Automatically activated, always there to watch over them when you can't. You as the administrator can be sure your call or message gets through to your employee and 911 calls are always allowed.

Get the assurance you need to have done everything a business owner can to protect your employee and your company from disaster.